Spencer Nicole - The 365 Project

I'm sure many of you are familir with the 365 Project in which you commit to take a picture every day for a year. I've been wanting to do this since Spencer was born, but have failed to actually make the commitment until now. I've actually decided I'm going to stretch it just a tad bit further - The 18 Year Project. Dun dun dunnnnn... I know - call me crazy! I can just imagine Spencer's fading enthusiasm as she reaches 10-, 13-, 16-, and 18-years old and is telling me to put the camera down because she hasn't fixed her hair yet. It will be an adventure, that's for sure! But, I know she'll appreciate it when she's older - how many of you would love to be able to look back and see any given stage of your own life.

With all that said, I want to share the 365 Project of Spencer with you all here. Enjoy!